Focused Production and Mass Customization


Experience the freedom to create truly innovative designs, while streamlining your workflow. 3D printing, enables production of unique complex parts that include overhangs or undercuts without having to design special molds or tooling. With CY3D complexity is free.

Why 3D Printing 

With few restrictions, designs that would normally have to be built from many parts may now be produced as one unit, or as a pre-built unit assembly. 3D printing enables low cost production of highly specific, low volume products for niche or mass markets. No traditional tooling is required with 3D printing, allowing for unrestricted designs to be brought to market quicker. 


Created by 3D Systems, the Pro-X 500 produces tough, end-use nylon parts

  • Prints pre-assembled, moving parts
  • Uses Selective Laser Sintering (SLS): parts are strong in all 3 dimensions
  • Fast build times
  • Creates high resolution, smooth parts
  • Produces watertight seals
  • Snaps and hinges